Next 100 Years of Women Voting

Our group of community-minded women, representing nonpartisan organizations, formed “Next 100 Years of Women Voting” to share excitement about the centennial of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution – women’s right to vote – and provide opportunities for civic engagement at a celebration in California’s capital city.

an image of the 100 Years of Women Voting Parade

Commemorating Women’s Suffrage is an opportunity to look to the future while honoring the remarkable Suffragists who braved belittlement, discrimination, and violence to ensure the rights of women to use their voices at the ballot box. These women-led nonviolent grassroots struggles resulted in the passage of the 19th Amendment, which afforded political representation – the right to vote for many women in this country. We pay tribute to this legacy and a Suffrage Movement that inspires us today to work for a future that is more inclusive. We encourage everyone to learn about the many who sacrificed and struggled to extend this fundamental right to women. Together we must protect opportunities for more women and men to participate in our democracy and exercise their right to vote for the “Next 100 years.”


Sacramento, CA

Contributions from generous donors will make this happen! The Sacramento History Alliance, dedicated to making history accessible to all, is our 501c3 fiscal sponsor.

If you wish to contribute financially to the Centennial Celebration, please visit the donation page or send a check to Sacramento History Alliance – Next 100 Years 101 I St. Sacramento 95814 (Tax ID 20-0184455).